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Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.                                                                                                          Psalm 121:1-2                                                                                                                                                        paraphrased KJV


Maybe you are the mom who has her 'go-cup' at her kids practice; the adult who leaves their job for a "long lunch appointment"; the dad who can't stop checking his text messages; the parent who takes a prescription for an old injury just to get through the very stressful day; the college student who takes their ADHD medication to help survive finals; the wife who has "friends" she has sex with while her husband is away; the spouse who uses the locator on their spouse's phone to see if they are at that "hot spot" again, the man who watches porn so he doesn't have to "bother" his wife, the man or woman who can't stop choosing the wrong partner over and over again.  The person who wakes up asking themselves, "How is this my life? How did I get here?".  These are some of the every day ways co-dependency, alcoholism, drug / substance use, problematic sexual behavior / addiction, maladaptive / addictive relationships, and developmental immaturity show up in our lives. 

You are not alone, you do not have to try and figure this out by yourself.  Most likely, you have been through a difficult crisis; and are STILL in crisis.  Many are trying to find the way back to "normal".  This "Normal" might include trying to start living as a person who does not use alcohol, substances or processess in order to live.  It might include learning how to be a different type of parent to a child who struggles with addiction.  It might include learning how to be a partner or spouse of someone who lives in the shadow of addiction. It might include learning how to choose a better partner in order to have the relationship you have longed for. You do not have to find "normal" on your own.  Call today we can work together to help you find the way back to the peace and joy in your life.