“For years, I struggled with the idea of therapy and simply could not find someone I felt comfortable sharing with. With Leah, who I have now seen regularly for years, I have been able to easily open up and begin to find peace. She is a gifted professional but, more than that, it is plainly self-evident that she genuinely cares in an organic and compassionate way. She has been a constant guide and a wonderful therapist as I have struggled through addiction recovery years after getting clean. Even more so, she truly helped me weave my way through an intensely difficult graduate school program and into the beginning of a high stress professional career. I am so grateful I was able to find someone like her.” – Patrick (adult male/graduate student)

"Leah is an exceptional listener and communicator.  During the two years Leah provided myself and my significant other counseling, we were given specific tools which were extremely helpful both individually and as a couple when implemented. When we discussed difficult topics, Leah had a way of putting each of us at ease and made us feel extremely safe.  She taught us to be very open, willing to listen and challenged us to get below the surface regarding our issues at hand. I would highly recommend Leah to anyone seeking guidance and direction. She truly had such an amazing and positive impact on my life."  Anonymous

"Leah Fordham successfully guided our family through a dark and difficult time. As parents of a troubled teenage daughter, we were at our wits end. Through Leah's professionalism, encouragement, and skill set, we learned to look at our own behavior as well as our daughter's and to see what needed to be adjusted and how to do so. It was never a question of blaming, guilt, or shame but rather working through boundaries and priorities. She doesn't tell you what to do, she works hard to make sure you're working hard to figure out what's best for you and your family, consistent with your own values and belief system."  Anonymous - Parent and Professional


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